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Jenefy Hand Press Juicer Manual Citrus Juicer

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Jenefy Manual Hand Press Citrus Juicer, it is used to making juice of fruits like Lemon, Mosambi, Orange, Kinu & Pomegranate. You can operate it manually with an easy hand-press mechanism. It is so simple in use. You have to cut fruit into two parts and place it in the juicer. By the help of this juicer you will get fresh and tasty juice to refresh yourself. You can use it at your home and shop or office to make juice.
Put away all those bottles of aerated drinks and have healthier, more refreshing drinks made with this Jenefy Hand Press Juicer. Experimenting and making different juices is now going to be something that you are going to love. You can Place it on top of your kitchen counter or store it easily anywhere you want. It is easy to clean. Juicer is designed that juice go only through a certain route in the juicer so as juice and pulp will NOT end up everywhere.
Jenefy Hand press juicer Is best Handy Juicer which You can carry easily while travelling and extract Fresh Juice anywhere and anytime.

Ergonomic Design
  • With a heavy-duty material, this juicer withstands the daily demands of your healthy juice.

    Non-Slip handle
  • The extended-length, ergonomic handle creates extra leverage to save your energy while pressing your favorite fruits.

    Thicker juice outlet
  • Thick juice outlet for fast-flowing and reduced bubbles. Get more juice in less time.

    Fresh Juice Everyday
  • Enjoy fresh-squeezed fruit juice every morning with this heavy-duty manual press juicer.

    Sturdy Material
  • Juicer is made from very sturdy and durable material which ensures Long life to the Juicer.

    Runs without Electricity
  • Hand Press Juicer Runs 100% Without Electricity. You Can Take it to Anywhere And Extract 1 Glass of fresh Juice in Couple of minutes.